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The Onyx Boox Robinson Crusoe is Waterproof, Costs $216

With the launch of the new Robinson Crusoe in Russia, Chinese ereader maker Onyx has joined the pool party.

The Robinson Crusoe features a 6″ Carta E-ink screen, runs Android 4.2, and has both a microSD card slot as well as waterproofing film on the internal electronics (most waterproof devices have one or the other).

The Robinson Crusoe follows the design of several previous Onyx Boox models. It has a metal shell with a power button on one edge and all the ports and card slots on the lower edge.

There are no page turn buttons on either side of the 6″ screen (edit: they’re on the edges of the device), but it does have a frontlight and capacitive touchscreen. Screen resolution is the standard 1448 by 1072, for 300 ppi.

Behind the screen is a dual-core 1GHz Rockchip CPU, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage, and a microSD card slot. This ereader also has Wifi and a 3Ah battery.

In terms of software, the Robinson Crusoe runs Onyx’s excellent reading app on top of  Android 4.2. It also ships with Google Play, giving users every chance to install more apps.

And last but not least, the Robinson Crusoe is waterproof. The press release says that the electronics have been coated with HZO, a sealant. There’s no mention of the Robinson Crusoe being certified as meeting any particular standard, but at the very least it is moderately waterproof.

Given that it costs 12,490 rubles, or $216 USD, Onyx really should have invested more in getting it certified, don’t you think?

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gbm June 17, 2017 um 1:17 pm

IF it had 1gb of ram and 4.4 kit kat that would really get my attention.

Leonid June 18, 2017 um 5:12 am

There ARE page turn buttons. They are awkwardly located on the two edges of the device, rather than on the bezel.

Lukas November 3, 2017 um 11:50 pm

Does it support audiobooks? With immersion (reading and listening at same time)?
How long lasts the battery?
How good is the underlining? I’m frustrated by the slow imprecise underlining of most readers.

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