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Onyx Boox T76SML eReader Launches in Russia – 6.8″ Screen, Android 4.0, $261

Onyx has long been in the habit of launching their newest hardware in Russia first (and often times in Russia only) so it should probably come as no surprise that their first ebook reader with a 6.8″ screen first made an appearance there.


The Onyx Boox T76SML Nefertiti might have a confusing name but it is for all intents and purposes a cut-down version of theT68 ereader that Onyx has been teasing us with.

The Nefertiti runs Android 4.0 Jelly Bean on a 1GHz Freescale CPU with 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, a microSD card slot and Wifi.

Weighing in at 238 grams, this device is heavier than most ebook readers but still lighter than many tablets. Its 6.8″ screen has the same resolution as the Kobo Aura HD (1440 x 1080), but the Nefertiti doesn’t have quite the same screen as that older ereader. The press release indicates that the Nefertiti has a frontlight, but not a touchscreen. Interactions with the ereader are limited to the page turn buttons and the d-pad.

Onyx has in the past released models in the Russian market sans touchscreen, so that last detail comes as no surprise. It’s disappointing, yes, but not a surprise.

Like past Onyx ereaders, the Nefertiti supports a wide range of ebook formats, including Epub, PDF, Mobi, PDB, CHM, and FB2. There’s no mention of audio support, but this ereader does support doc formats including Doc, html, txt, and RTF.

The Onyx Boox T76SML Nefertiti is available now from Onyx’s local retail partner McCenter with a retail price of 8990 rubles (about $261 USD).

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Leonid May 28, 2014 um 3:53 am

1. The Russian Onyx retail partner is McCenter.
2. Nefertiti has no audio support (though it has bluetooth and there is talk about it supporting audio via it. I’ll believe it when I read user reports).
3. Don’t worry. Within 3-5 weeks they promised to release the top-end version of T68, called Cleopatra. It’s identical to Nefertiti, but with a touchscreen and wifi (but still no audio – Russian custom laws have something to do with it, so most of modern Onyx devices that are sold in Russia lack audio output).

Nate Hoffelder May 28, 2014 um 11:15 am

Thatnks. For once I tried to name the company using Cyrillic characters, but as you can see it didn’t work. I won’t be trying that again.

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