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Open Question: iBooks for OSX was Updated – Did it Fix Anything?

Apple has question markrolled out an update for the bug-ridden iBooks for OSX Mavericks, but I can’t find any details on what was changed. Most of the stories say nothing more than that the update included bug fixes and stability improvements.

The lack of detail is frustrating, and since I don’t have a Mac I am throwing the question open to the audience. Have you downloaded the update? Has the app improved?

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Ingo Lembcke November 9, 2013 um 9:33 am

A dog ate my homework, meaning ups, my first comment did not show up and I did not copy it to the clipboard to save it before.
It may have cured a few crashes and some errors I did not stumble at.
But the main functions still remain the same bad.
No way I can see to push books to the iPhone/iPad and no way to get them from there.
Maybe if I find the time I write some long rant as feedback to Apple.
Splitting this from iTunes is not such a bad idea, but they lost the sync in the process completely.

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