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Opera Brings Their Coast Web Browser to the iPhone

Operacoast opera icon is bringing their touch-centric web browser to the iPhone today.

Opera shocked pretty much everyone when they launched Coast in September 2013. This app re-envisioned the web browser with a greater focus on touch and fewer of the legacy design elements that many tablet web browsers inherited from their PC-based ancestors.

Coast did away with many elements like the address and menu bars, refresh and other buttons, all with the goal of offering a better browsing experience. And now iPhone owners will be able to join iPad users in enjoying a user experience that feels native to the mobile platform.

In related news, iPad users also got some attention today; Opera is rolling out a new update for the iPad app which adds a number of improvements, including a better search function, a "Stuff we like" suggestion function, better password management, and general performance improvements. Opera has also tweaked the interface to offer a wider selection of wallpaper, more icon options, and new gestures to access various menus.

You can find the app in  iTunes.



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