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Opera Buys VPN Provider in Bid to Protect Your Online Privacy

4397800453_0518eb3292[1]Are you concerned about governments tracking your online activities? Opera is, and that’s why they bought SurfEasy today.

This Canada-based company offers a VPN service which lets users browse the internet anonymously and privately. The company offers solutions for Android, iOS, Windows, OSX, and  there’s even a USB-based tool which can help protect a user’s privacy when browsing from a public computer.

What with revelations that numerous national governments are engaging in widespread spying, privacy and security are at the top of everyone’s mind.

"Over the past few years the dialogue and awareness around online privacy issues has increased dramatically. We are all now very aware just how vulnerable our data is to hacking, monitoring and censorship, regardless of the network or device you’re using to access the web," said Chris Houston, founder and CEO, SurfEasy. He added: "By teaming up with Opera, a global internet company with over 350 million users, we are able to accelerate our vision to give users access to simple applications that let them take back control of their online privacy and freedom."

The terms of the deal have not been disclosed, nor has Opera said how they plan to use the new tech, but the deal makes sense in a lot of ways. The acquisition will enable Opera to integrate SurfEasy’s VPN tech into its web browsers for Windows Android, and iOS, and Opera will likely also launch a stand alone VPN service.

Opera has a history of taking its core browser tech and developing standalone products. For example, Opera Max is a mobile data compression service which is based on the same bandwidth compression tech which Opera developed for its web browser.

SurfEasy will continue to provide customers with its existing services, though.


image  by Johan Larsson

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