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Opera for Android Updated

Opera Opera-icon-high-reslaunched a new iPhone version of their experimental Coast web browser today, but that’s not all they’ve released.

There’s a new version of Opera for Android today. In addition to stability and usability improvements, the update fixes a number of issues like logins and passwords not being properly stored.

The new version of the app is also built on a newer version of Chromium (the open source web browser project) than the previous Opera for Android app, and the changelog also mentions tweaks to the Discover menu and other menus.

The app is available in Google Play, and with a little bit of digging you can also find the app on the Opera website.


– Revamped Discover, swipe your way through the latest news
– Fix where password manager failed to suggest saved passwords for many sites.
– Improved spinner behavior
– "Copy link" context menu option on pages and in history view
– Chromium version update to 34
– Various stability and usability improvements

Over the past 6 months Opera has been turning their web browser expertise to other related niches. In September 2013 they unveiled Coast, an experimental web browser for the iPad (and iPhone). Earlier this year they launched a new ad-supported white label web browsing program that enabled telecoms to show ads in exchange for web access, and they are also beta-testing a streaming data compression service that could prove useful in lowering mobile data usage.

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