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OverDrive, Aquafadas Re-Branded as Rakuten Subsidiaries

Rakuten has owned Kobo since 2011, but it was only in the past couple years that the Canadian ebook company was officially renamed Rakuten Kobo to reflect its corporate parent.

Now Aquafadas and OverDrive are getting a similar treatment.

As part of Rakuten’s global effort to unify its brands, OverDrive and Aquafadas have been renamed to Rakuten Aquafadas and Rakuten OverDrive.

The one rebranding has been announced in a press release, but the other was carried off without comment.

“Aquafadas technology is perfect as an accelerator when it comes to enterprise digital transformation," Koichiro Takahara, CEO of Rakuten Aquafadas, said in a statement. " Thanks to closer integration with Rakuten, tools developed by Aquafadas will become compatible with other technologies within the Group such as mobile messaging, on-demand video, e-commerce, video-conferencing and more. As a result, Aquafadas App will become a “hub”, grouping several services together opening fantastic opportunities for all Rakuten organizations and clients."

In related news, earlier this year Rakuten replaced several key members of Aquafadas senior management by transferring in Rakuten Managers.  Yasufumi Hirai was a CIO at Rakuten before transferring to Aquafadas, and Koichiro Takahara worked at Rakuten corporate and was the EVP at OverDrive before becoming the CEO at Aquafadas.

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Max July 10, 2017 um 1:21 pm

"Rakuten Aquafadas"…just rolls off the tounge.

Nate Hoffelder July 10, 2017 um 1:25 pm

I think they should have gone with Rakuafadas, but that just me.

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