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OverDrive Libby iOS App Updated With Dark Mode

OverDrive rolled out an update last week that added a nice reading feature to its Libby iOS app. You can now use the app to check out a library ebook and read it in dark mode. This is a term used to describe when apps (including ebook apps) offer a color theme with reversed colors, or one based on a black screen.

The Kindle app has had this for a while, and so do a lot of reading apps. Kobo even built this into its ereaders. BTW, the Libby Android app also has this feature, and has had it for (I think) a few months.

Here’s how the dark mode looks in the Libby app on my iPad.

Here’s the changelog:

version 3.0.0

Dark mode!

As well as preparatory support for notifications (coming very soon), iOS 13 compatibility improvements, audio and CarPlay crash fixes, and plenty of polish.

You can find the Libby app in Google Play and in Apple’s unnamed app store.

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