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OverDrive Reports the Kindle eBook Issue Has Been Fixed

16044158005_4c4324c282[1]This is just a quick note to let you know that OverDrive says that they’ve fixed that recent annoying Kindle book availability issue:

Earlier this week, we became aware that a number of eBooks added to our catalog this year were lacking the Kindle format.  This has now been resolved, and the Kindle format of the affected titles is now available in OverDrive’s Marketplace.  All U.S. libraries’ digital collections will be automatically refreshed with the Kindle format for any titles they have purchased that may not have had the format at the time of purchase.

I can also add that a 20 minute check of my local library confirms the OD report; all of the titles which weren’t available for the Kindle are now showing that they are. This includes high profile titles like Go Set a Watchman.

The weeks-long technical snafu which kept newly published library ebooks from being read on your Kindle has been fixed.

In short, it turns out that this was not the apocalyptic end of Amazon’s interest in library ebooks (as someone claimed) but as far as we can tell from the outside really was a technical issue.

Fire and brimstone did not come down from the sky. Rivers and seas did not boil. The dead did not rise from the grave. There was no human sacrifice, or dogs and cats living together.

image by darkday

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