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OverDrive Retires the Libby Windows App

I’m sure many people know that OverDrive developed a reading app called Libby about four years ago. What you might not know is that in addition to the Android and iOS apps, there was also an app for Windows.

Apparently the app has been retired. A reader sent me the following screenshot (Thanks, Cheri!)

TBH folks, I didn’t even know this app existed. A quick Google search uncovered it in the Microsoft Store, which may explain why i haven’t heard of it (I’m still running Windows 7).

Did you ever try it? What did you think?

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Tom S December 17, 2020 um 7:46 pm

I think it was even a Universal app, i.e. ran on Windows Phone.

For some reason, Libby has never been available in Amazon App Store (which does have Overdrive, which seems to be regularly updated there). I don’t understand why they continue to maintain both apps.

Larry Deaton January 4, 2021 um 7:57 pm

It seems to still work fine as an iOS app.

Maria Jette January 9, 2021 um 9:45 am

Libby is the main app for both ebook and audiobook downloads from my large, vigorous library system (Hennepin County Public Libraries, which encompasses Minneapolis). I assume that must be true for many public libraries (hence the name “Libby”). It’s been through several incarnations, one quite recent. I use it w iOS— but admit I know nothing about it for Windows as I’ve always been Mac-exclusive.

Dennis Fidler March 26, 2021 um 3:36 pm

Also Libby supports magazines now, and they have lots of them

Tracey M. January 13, 2022 um 11:38 pm

For the last two or more years, I’ve become a great fan of the Libby Windows app and yes we downloaded it from the Microsoft Windows store. You get to put your whole family’s library cards in one place and for us this was great on our laptop. I am really bummed we are losing that functionality as the Windows browser one always "forgets" our library information and we end up having to load everything all over again FREQUENTLY. Not so in the Windows app. I’m thinking it is because most people use their phones (which we also have LIbby there) but we still enjoy using it on our PC and laptop as this tech is far from obsolete.

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