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OverDrive To Launch New In-Library Discovery Terminals

Yesterday OverDrive announced plans for a new cloud reader, the OverDrive Read, which is going to let library patrons read ebooks in the browser. But that’s not the only new trick they have up their sleeves. OverDrive is also working on a ebook terminal for libraries called OverDrive Media Station.

As you can see from the video below, the Media Station is going to make it easy for patrons to search for and checkout library ebooks. It’s currently being tested in a Cuyahoga County Library branch, and OverDrive plans to make it available to all their 18 thousand library partners soon.

Do you know what I like about it? It’s designed to work on pretty much any touchscreen enabled monitor. That makes it quite different from the Discovery Station now being sold by 3M as part of their cloud library. While both terminals fill the same need, the one from OverDrive will likely cost less to implement.

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Eileen Kontrovitz June 15, 2012 um 10:15 am

All nice, but does it fully integrate with our ILS?

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