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Pages Now Publishes Directly to Apple Books

Apple is now promoting their word processing app with the pitch that you can use it to publish a book to Apple Books:

Publish your book directly to Apple Books from Pages on your iPad, iPhone, Mac, or online at With Pages, you can create a book, then publish it directly to the store in Apple Books. You can customize your book during the publishing process: add a cover, set your price or offer it for free, add tags to specify age groups or subjects, set up a pre-order, customize availability by date and country, and more. You can also update an already submitted book.

This is going to be a great option for those whose books don’t need a lot of professional editing and/or formatting. (That isn’t snark; my workbooks need a lot of formatting, so this option is no good for me.)

This update doesn’t bode well for the long-neglected iBooks Author. That app has only bee updated an average of once a year since 2014, and Apple cares so little about it that Apple hasn’t even changed the app’s name yet.

Thanks, Mike!



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Will Entrekin November 10, 2018 um 11:20 pm

Professional editing can benefit all books.

Otherwise, I think the more important note is that this development means that one can use Pages to publish to Apple Books. Doing so used to require iTunes Producer, which was Mac-exclusive; seems like that is no longer the case.

Apple is Discontinuing iBooks Author on 1 July 1 | The Digital Reader June 11, 2020 um 5:13 pm

[…] Two years ago we brought book creation into Pages. With key features such as the ability to work on iPad, collaborate with others on a shared book, draw with Apple Pencil, and more, Pages is a great platform for making books. […]

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