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Pandigital Nova now shipping from Best Buy

Okay, now this is a puzzler. A previously unannounced Pandigital Android tablet is now shipping from Best Buy. The strange part is that this looks like a smaller version of the SuperNova tablet that cleared the FCC a few days back.

It has a similar name, specs, and design, but it has a smaller screen. The Nova is listed at 7″ (800×600) while the SuperNova has an 8″ (800×600) screen. Best buy didn’t list the complete specs (camera resolution isn’t mentioned), so I’m going to clip the SuperNova details from the other post. Chances are the details will be the same.

The SuperNova is running Android v2.3 on an 8″(600×800) capacitive screen. It comes with 4GB Flash storage, a microSD card slot, 2 cameras (3MP & 0.3MP), Wifi(n), HDMI out, USB Host, speakers, and a microphone.

Update: The nova has a resistive touchscreen, not capacitive. That makes me doubt the rest of the details.

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Mike Cane August 2, 2011 um 11:26 am

So are you going to get one? Capacitive screen?!

MNielsen August 2, 2011 um 2:59 pm

Nate have you tried your hands on this one yet?
Unfortunately the store closest to me does not have one. It looks like it might be a cheaper, but still good, alternative to Nook Color.

Mike Cane August 3, 2011 um 8:43 am

A false economy in one way: lower-res screen.

George Karaska February 17, 2013 um 2:32 pm

these suck can’t upgrade the os and you have to do a priate download to use a old version of Android market
btw the company is now out of business

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