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Pandigital Novel shows up again as the Pocketbook IQ

I was just working on a post about Pocketbook (they announced the prices for their new ereaders). I was looking at old posts on other blogs to see if I’d missed a detail, and I noticed something. I can’t beleive I missed this the first time around.

Engadget were using this image for their post on the Pocketbook announcement. When you look at it full size, it’s quite obvious that the Pocketbook IQ is a close relative of the white Pandigital Novel (and the Cruz Reader). The only difference between the Pocketbook IQ and the Cruz Reader that I can see is that the IQ has 3 buttons under the screen (home, menu, back).

I’m a little surprised. I had thought Pocketbook would use an exclusive design.

BTW, the price for the IQ will be 159€ (in Europe, at least), and it will be available in Germany in November.

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