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Paperus to Launch an eScroll Reader (video)

Just when I had convinced myself that innovation was dead in the ereader market, this came up in a Google search.

The following  video shows a concept device for a pen shaped ebook reader. The screen is wrapped round the device and it does not unfold. I’m still not sure about the screen tech, but I don’t think it’s flexible E-ink.

You read and advance the text by rotating the scroll. Paperus is also expecting that you might want to listen to music, so there’s a headphone jack at one end. There’s no word on when it will be released or how much it might cost.

As I watch the video, I’m not sold on the idea. This effectively has a screen that is only a few lines tall and I read too fast for that. It’s also no good for scanning large mounts of text. On the other hand, some people do read on small screen devices like  BB. Perhaps there is a market niche for this.

Actually, I can think of at least one market for it. Add a pen to the far end and students will love it.  They can load their notes on it and carry it into exams.

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CJJ February 8, 2012 um 12:41 pm

So from the video it like like 7-8 lines of text per full rotation. Your average book has 30-35 lines a page so 4-5 turns a page? Take a large magic marker and rotate it 1500 times for your typical book and then tell me if you’d buy this.I guess you could roll it across the floor and run behind it as you read.

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Kinl February 20, 2012 um 2:49 pm

Its a bad copy of this idea from 2007 for a Core77 1 hour design challenge I entered.

Nate Hoffelder February 20, 2012 um 3:11 pm

That is new to me, thanks.

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