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Parody Video(s): Amazon Echo is an (Un)Helpful Little Cylinder

amazon-echo-2[1]Amazon’s in-home digital concierge is still making its way to consumers, and no one knows yet exactly how it’s going to work. But that hasn’t stopped a couple Youtubers from posting parody videos.

The Amazon Echo is a 9-inch-tall, cylinder-shaped Bluetooth speaker that can be situated anywhere in the home, and functions always-on digital assistant. Much like with Siri and Google Now, you can ask it anything – from “how tall is Vesuvius?” to “how many inches are in a yard?” or even to add items to your shopping list.

And because it’s always on, you don’t need to press a button to activate it – just call it by name (in the video’s case, Alexa), then ask away. And it constantly gets smarter, pulling information from the cloud to answer your every question.

Or, in the case of the parody videos, Echo is always getting more smart-ass than smart. The following two videos are definitely NSFW, and to be honest I didn’t find them all that funny, but they are getting a lot of chuckles on Twitter and the web.


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