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Delaware Loves 50 Shades of Gray (infographic)

Goodreads has taken note of the sudden popularity of 50 Shades of Gray, the NY Times best selling erotica novel, and today they are contributing to the frenzy.

This book is so popular that Goodreads was able to sort  through reviews and ratings submitted by their 8 and a half million members and distill them down to an infographic. It only covers the USA, but the infographic shows which states have residents who are more likely to own a copy. It also shows which states rated the title the highest.

Delaware has much to answer for. This is the one state that ranks as having both a high rating for the book as well as a higher than average rate of ownership.


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fjtorres May 29, 2012 um 3:05 pm

Utah wants nothing to do with the thing.
I’m shocked, shocked, I tellya!

Stumbling Over Chaos :: Work ate my brain; linkity might be lame June 1, 2012 um 8:12 pm

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