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Piper Verlag Launches a Traveling eBook Library in Germany

Authorstime4books and publishers are always seeking new opportunities to promote their books, whether it’s via QR codes in portapotties, letting readers sample books on a train, or in the case of Piper Verlag, serving up book excerpts to bus riders.

The German publisher Piper announced a new partnership this week with City2City, a German bus company. Riders on one of the bus company’s routes will now have the option of reading excerpts of books published by Piper Verlag.

The program is called Time4Books, and it’s pretty simple. Passengers are given a flyer when they board the bus which has a number of QR codes printed on it.  the passengers can scan the code and use the bus’s Wifi to go to website and read the excerpt, which is formatted as a mobile friendly webpage which can be read on a tablet, smartphone, or a laptop. The excerpts are long enough to last an expected 35 minutes.

Piper Verlag currently offers 10 excerpts, and they plan to rotate more of their catalog through the program and add new titles every few months.

This program is not too dissimilar to one launched by the Catalan Government Railways in April 2012. The publisher partner in that program was Random House Mondadori, which cooperated to provide excerpts of Spanish and Catalan language books for passengers to read.

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