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Pixel Qi to unveil 2 new screens at Computex

Pixel Qi plan to show off new stuff at Computex next month in Taipei. They plan to add a new 10″  display (1280×800 resolution) to their family of sunlight-readable low-power screens. They’re also boasting of a new 7″ (1024×600 resolution) screen, which is obviously the next gen replacement for the current 7″ screen.

Pixel Qi’s screen technology is designed to offer a full color LCD experience when you have the back light turned on. But the real secret of Pixel Qi’s screen tech is when you turn the back light off and enter the reflective mode. This mode let’s you take the display outside and use it in full sunlight (or any other lighting situation).

There’s no word on when either screen will hit the market.

via Pixel Qi

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Andrys May 19, 2011 um 9:15 pm

That picture they have is of the Kindle 1 (4 years old) alongside the Pixel QI which, in whatever lighting they have, looks darker and greener.

I was drawn to the Pixel QI as a dual-screen laptop maybe, but which one would most people pick up when they just want to read a book…

The Pixel QI technology used in the Notion Ink Adam has been negatively reviewed in real-world angle viewing. I imagine they will be able to improve it but it’s been some time already.

Nate Hoffelder May 20, 2011 um 12:23 am

That’s actually my fault.

Andrys May 20, 2011 um 8:41 am

Let us know when you come across material on the latest version or when you see one at a show, as they’re still demo’g it here and there while continuing development on it.

By the way, am really interested in what you might know or find out about the Asus EEE Pad Transformer tablet with that cover that doubles as a keyboard!

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