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Plastic Logic Spins Off Screen Tech Arm, Focuses on Manufacturing

tech-plastic-logic-flexible-display[1]Flexible screen tech developer Plastic Logic split into two companies on Monday.

The name Plastic Logic will retained by the screen manufacturing unit. Based in Dresden, Germany, this unit develops, manufactures and sells a range of flexible, electrophoretic displays (EPD).

Plastic Logic’s Cambridge, UK, operation has been spun off to form FlexEnable. Based on Plastic Logic’s patent and tech portfolio, FlexEnable will provide expert assistance to device makers, screen tech companies,  and system builders.

The latter company will continue to develop the flexible AMOLED screen which Plastic Logic unveiled at SID Display Week last year. Created in partnership with NovaLED, this screen can display 256 level monochrome and can show 30 fps video. FlexEnable will also continue to develop the graphene-based screen which we saw for the first time last September.

Plastic Logic, on the other hand, will work with device makers like PopSlate, Printless Plans,  Dresden Electronik.

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