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Please excuse the mess (and the explosions, and the screams of innocent bystanders, and all the fire trucks)

I’m sorry about the mess today, folks.

You may have noticed that the site was down several times Friday afternoon and evening. We were trying to track down an intermittent bug that kept crashing the site when I published a post.

I don’t think we found the bug yet, and it is a really strange one. It didn’t show up with every post I published, but when it did happen the bug also took down a couple of my other sites on my server.

That is a very weird bug, yes, and the good folks at my hosting company, PeoplesHost, have spent much of the afternoon turning off plugins and publishing test posts to see if we can identify the cause. (I let them deal with it because they have access to logs I don’t. )

No such luck, but this did inspire me to write a post explaining how to troubleshoot this kind of problem (stay tuned).

We’ll try to get back to regular blogging as soon as possible.

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