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Pocket Launches Paid Premium Service

Pocket has been a free service ever since it launched as Read-it-Later in 2007 but good times rarely last forever. The leader in save-for-later services has just launched a premium service which will set users back $5 a month (or $45 a year).


In addition to the guarantee that the content you save will always be available, Pocket Premium boasts a feature that users have been requesting for years. Paying Pocket ysers will gain access to vastly improved search capabilities, including the option to search the text of all of the articles saved in one’s account as well as search by tags, author, and more. Pocket Premium also automatically suggest tags for articles, which could be useful for keeping your library organized.

Like Evernote’s paid service, Pocket Premium will likely attract the service’s most loyal users. But unlike Evernote’s offering, it’s not clear why Pocket Premium is worth the extra cost. Search and Save? That just doesn’t strike this user as being worth $45 a year, but of more premium features were added I might change my mind.

Pocket is also launching a few new products for all of its users: New browser extensions for adding articles, as well as simpler tag management on the web and Pocket’s mobile apps. To date, Pocket users have saved over 1 billion articles, videos, and images to the service.


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Caroline May 28, 2014 um 9:12 pm

Love pocket…but I don’t see the benefit here. I’m a big Evernote user and anything I really want to keep, I just send there. Not sure how it’s worth $5.

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