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Pocket Updates its Chrome Extension, Makes it Easier to Binge on New Articles

Pocket started out as ReadItLater, an awesome little tool for saving a news article or blog post so you could read it later, but lately the developers have been working to help users find interesting web content to read, content which the users hadn’t saved from their web browser, feed reader, Twitter, etc.

On Thursday Pocket announced that they had updated their Chrome extension with three new ways to discover content.

First, Pocket can now recommend a link every time you open a new tab:

Now when you open a new tab on Chrome, you’ll see 3 must-read stories that are worth checking out right now or saving to Pocket for later. They’re curated from the millions of items being saved every day so you know they’re going to be good, and the best part is, you don’t have to do do any digging yourself!

Next, when you save a post Pocket now recommends similar articles:


And finally, Pocket Explore aggregates the vast quantity of articles users save every day into cleanly-defined and well-organized topics – no login required.

It’s handy for when you just want to dive into a subject you’ve heard about, such as underwater basket-weaving, cup stacking, or clogging, but Pocket Exlore is still incomplete.The service is in beta, and most of the topics I tried returned no results.

You can try the two new features by installing the Chrome extension from the Chrome web store, and test Pocket Explore by visiting this link.

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