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PocketBook Basic Lux 2 is a Basic Kindle Competitor

The Ukrainian ereader maker Pocketbook just announced a couple new ereaders for fall 2018. One of the devices, the Basic Lux 2, looks like it is intended to compete with the basic Kindle.

The Basic Lux 2 features a 6″ 212ppi Carta E-ink screen with frontlight. It doesn’t have a touchscreen, though, instead giving users a d-pad below the screen. It runs Pocketbook’s own software on a 1 GHz CPU with 256 MB RAM. It also has 8GB storage, a microSD card slot, and Wifi.

According to the announcement, it weighs 155 grams and packs in a 1.3Ah battery. That is rather weak compared to other inexpensive ereaders like the Inkbook Lumos.

Pocketbook’s device support a wide range of formats, including Epub, FB2, Mobi, CHM, RTF, PDF, DJVU, and DOCX. Most of those formats are not well supported, though, so you probably won’t want to use them.

There’s no word on the official release date, but it will probably be almost impossible to get the Basic Lux 2 in the US; Pocketbook is mostly sold in Europe.  Given the specs (including the battery size) this is not a huge loss.

I am trying to get one to review; stay tuned.

PocketBook Basic Lux 2

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