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PocketBook eReaders Now Sold by Newegg in the US

In what is a hopeful sign that we will have a US source for Pocketbook’s upcoming color ereader, the online US retailer NewEgg is now carrying Pocketbook’s ereaders.

NewEgg currently carries three models, the Inkpad 3, Inkpad X, and the Pocketbook Touch HD 3. They are listed as being sold by Pocketbook and shipped by NewEgg.

This is good news for anyone who wants to buy a Pocketbook in the US. This Ukrainian ereader maker used to have a couple US distributors, and even a US division, but that was years and years ago.  The only option, from about 2014 on, was to order from Europe and endure long shipping delays (and frankly, at least one of Pocketbook’s European offices was notoriously unreliable).

There’s no word yet on whether you will be able to buy the Pokcetbook Color through NewEgg, but one can hope.

NewEgg via MobileRead

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