Prelinger Library

Prelinger Library

Prelinger Library is a private research library based in the Mission District of San Francisco which is supported by donations and run by volunteers. The current version of its website was built in 2012, but due to the limited funding it has only been haphazardly supported and updated over the past four years.

I took over the role of unpaid volunteer webmaster in fall 2016. This is an ongoing project, and so far my duties include:

  1. Repairing or replacing malfunctioning plugins
  2. Updating the software
  3. Enhancing performance by eliminating duplicate functionality
  4. Editing existing content to fix the formatting (much of which was copied over from the original website)
  5. Removing unused features and themes
  6. Updating the content to reflect current activities, active volunteers, and recent news coverage

Future plans include updating the site with a new theme, but that is a work in progress.


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