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Pottermore @ PlayStation Home Now Up and Running

Diagon-Alley-Spawn-character[1]Pottermore has just announced that their new MMORPG, Pottermore @ PlayStation Home, launched today. Harry Potter fans can now design an avatar and use it to navigate a virtual world that includes Diagon Alley and the Hogwarts Express train.

Pottermore @ PlayStation Home is still rather limited in terms of content at the moment. Right how it has only 4 mini-games including a Wizard’s Duel, trivia questions, Pottemore card collecting and trading, and book herding. According to the Pottermore blog, the game¬† will evolve over time as the developers add more locations, purchasable items, and additional mini-games.

Pottermore was launched in mid-2011 as the premier community for all things having to do with a hirsute ceramic worker (Harry Potter).  It grew rapidly, often straining its servers to accommodate the millions of fans. The Pottermore eBookstore launched in early 2012, and now just under a year later Pottermore has expanded again.

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