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Promote Your Favorite Books With One of Draft2Digital’s Reading List Widgets

Draft2Digital just sent out an email touting their new Reading List feature.

I know, I know, you’re probably thinking this is just a copy of a GoodReads list, but as you can see in the video there’s a whole lot more to it. For starters, it’s more of a carousel than a list:

You can see examples here and here.

From what I can tell, there’s no way to embed a reading list carousel in your website, which is a shame (because that would be awesome).

D2D does have a few suggestions on how to use the new feature:

Showcase your own books—Create a list that has multiple, customizable carousels, and showcase your books by series, preferred reading order, or even by themes. Maybe one carousel features "books about sea voyages" while another features "books with red covers." It’s up to you!

Showcase other authors—Got a reading list you want to share with clients or maybe people who read your blog or listen to your podcast? Reading Lists let you build using any Universal Book Links you’ve created, including those leading to the books of other authors! Give your audience a list of self-help books you recommend, or your preferred reading order for Jack Reacher novels, or maybe a list of books grouped by holiday. Spooky stories for Halloween? Heartwarming romances for Valentine’s Day!

Make it private or public—
Maybe you just want to keep an ongoing list of the books you’ve read, broken down by year. No need to share, you can keep that totally private! Or you can build a Reading List of self-published favorites and share it far and wide, direct to Twitter, Facebook, or anywhere you like!

Make it your own–Reading Lists are customizable! Choose from our gallery of header images, or upload an image of your own. Put up an image that ties in with your theme, or brand your page for a business or service. Build a banner that features a scene from your books, or includes a photo of your favorite vista. You can make your Reading List look and feel the way you want! Plus, every carousel allows you to add a bit of text to tell readers a little more about that group of books. Type up a description of your series, or tell readers why they should read this particular collection. You can use standard formatting (bold, italics, underline) and even include hyperlinks within the text!

Feature a hero—A brand new feature for Reading Lists is the single-book carousel! If you have only one book in a carousel, it will appear bigger and more prominent. And you can include text to give a synopsis or let readers know how this book made you feel (or anything else you care to say!).

Make a little extra cash—
Since Reading Lists are built on our Universal Book Link technology, you can include your affiliate links for every book you feature! Just add your affiliate codes after you log in to, and click on My Account. From there, every UBL you create will have your affiliate codes built in! And that means that every book in your custom Reading Lists will also include those affiliate codes—earning you money every time someone purchases a book through one of your lists!<

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