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Pronoun Adds Local Pricing, "More by This Author"

Remember a couple weeks' back when one author claimed Pronoun had added a link spam section to the end of his book?

I could not find any evidence to support the claim at the time, but apparently Pronoun liked the idea so much that they have added this as an optional feature.

They’re calling it "enhanced backmatter", and it is basically a page of links for other books by the same author.

Authors are now able to easily add a “More by This Author" Page that automatically includes direct links to their other books at a reader’s preferred ebook store. Authors no longer need separate versions of their books for each retailer. Links are incredibly easy to add to each ebook file (Pronoun does the work for you), and links are compatible with all supported retailer terms. Plus for books published outside of Pronoun, links can direct to the author’s Pronoun Author Page.
Pronoun's Enhanced Back Matter encourages readers to keep reading more books by the same author. By making it easier for satisfied readers to find an author’s other books at their preferred store, authors will turn a first-time reader into a career-long fan.
Learn more about adding a "More by This Author" Page here.

You can see an example of the new backmatter below, on the right. The Pronoun author page is on the left.

In related news, authors can now set price in local currency for the ebooks they distribute through Pronoun.

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