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Pubslush Brings Crowd-sourcing to the Slush Pile

A new publishing service launched a couple weeks back and it promises to let the readers decide what titles get published.

Pubslush Press see themselves as a traditional publisher, only they are introducing a new twist to the publishing process. Rather than have a handful of insiders sort through the slush pile, they plan to let  all who want to participate add their own voice to the process.

Now,just because they’re embracing crowd-sourcing doesn’t mean this is a self-pub platform or some type of Publish America scam. Once the book is picked, the pros at Pubslush Press will take over and proof, edit, and promote the book much like (any other publisher).

But the way that they will let outsiders participate could be a problem, and it does leave itself open to abuse. You can vote on which book  you like, but you have to vote with your dollars. (Think of it as pre-ordering the book.) Now that is an interesting filter, isn’t it? It will discourage the casual troll but still offer something to the interested reader.

Pubslush can help get a book published in 2 ways. If you can gather 2 thousand supporters, Pubslush  will publish your book. But they also plan for the site to attract the attention of other publishers, and should some other publisher be interested in a book Pubslush will act as an agent.

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