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Puzzazz Launches Kindle Game with Handwriting Recognition

It may have taken 3 months, but the Kindle Touch finally has an app that really makes use of the touchscreen. Puzzazz, a developer who has been working on Kindle active content since the very beginning, has just unveiled their newest app for the Kindle Touch.

It’s a variation on the many Sudoku games available for the Kindle, only this one has a little something extra. You can now write the numbers instead of typing them in.

Sudoku is not my game, but the tech is so very cool. Puzzazz is calling it TouchWrite, but it is really just simple character recognition. Tech like this has been round since the Newton, not that that makes it any less cool to see it implemented on the Kindle Touch.

There’s no work yet on whether Puzzazz will license this tech to other companies, but they did say that they will use it in all their future apps.

via Geekwire

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