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Qualcomm: Mirasol screen really isn’t in production

Slashgear followed up on the Mirasol story that I reported on earlier yesterday. Here’s what Chris reported being told by Jim Cathey, VP of business development for Qualcomm’s MEMS division:

According to Cathey, despite what Mollenkopf’s comments implied, the mirasol fabs are up and running, and samples are out with the company’s OEM partners. The confusion, he suggested, was down to volumes: Mollenkopf was “thinking in billions” which, as a new technology, mirasol isn’t yet reaching. However, Qualcomm are on track to make their first shipments before the end of the year, and Cathey expects commercial products to arrive in Q1 2011.

What’s rather interesting about that last sentence is that it can be 100% true and not contradict the info we got from ZDnet. The screen is not in production yet. We know that because they’re still sending out samples, which are by definition something you do before production begins.

Here’s another thing. We were supposed to see a device this year. Now we won’t see it until next year. Why? I would guess production delays.

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