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Qualcomm Mirasol still not in production?

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs announced this morning that Qualcomm will indeed be investing $1b in a new production plant for the Mirasol screen.

Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2008 U.S. investment mission to the formation of American Qualcomm (Qualcomm) headquarters called, finally in the fierce competition, stand out to compete for the favor of Qualcomm company, select the investment of nearly one billion U.S. dollars to Taiwan to set up world’s first small and medium size Mirosal reflective display technology production plant. Department of Investment Services Division in the continued economic assistance, Qualcomm announced its decision based on the earlier Dragon base in the Hsinchu Science Park, construction of production, plant area of about 7 hectares and is estimated to create a large number of employment opportunities.

Here’s the interesting part. If this is the first Mirasol plant, then the screen isn’t in production yet. That’s not what the Mirasol pr people were saying a couple months ago.I wonder who made the mistake?

Damn. It looks like we’re at least a year away from this screen actually showing up on a retail shelf.

Update: PCWorld are reporting that this is the second plant, not the first. That does make more sense.

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Sael January 3, 2011 um 12:04 pm

Look here:

According to PCW, they’ve already had factory in Taiwan, so that new one is actually their second plant there.

Nate the great January 3, 2011 um 12:26 pm


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