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Qualcomm to open Mirasol plant in Taiwan

Digitimes have the story:

Qualcomm MEMS Technologies plans to invest a total of US$2 billion to set up a 4.5G production plant for Mirasol displays at the Longtan site of Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP), according to market sources.

Equipment installation is scheduled to begin in October 2011 and volume production at the beginning of 2012 mainly for 5.7-inch color applications, the sources added.

…Equipment suppliers have revealed that Qualcomm is the sole investor in the new plant project, according to the sources. But the company also hopes to expand Mirasol’s market through licensing, the sources added.

I know the name of at least one of ereader companies who will use the Mirasol screen (there might be several). Right now I’m waiting to see if Qualcomm will talk to me and ask me to hold the story.

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