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Read an eBook Week Starts on Sunday

It’s RAEWbanner1[1]that time of year again.

Next week is the first week of March, and that means that it’s time for Read an eBook Week. This annual event was created by Rita Toews in 2004, during the pre-Kindle ebook era, and it has since grown to become an international event devoted to reading and digital literacy.

Or at least it was an international festival; this year it snuck up on me so quietly that I can’t say for sure who is participating. I know that I will be participating, of course, and Smashwords is once again a sponsor of Read an eBook Week. A quick look on Goodreads and KBoards has revealed that there are any number of authors who are joining in the fun by putting their ebooks up for sale.

Smashwords has launched a page just for this event , and it has details on where readers can find free ebooks – just so long as you don’t want to get those free ebooks in the Kindle Store. For more information, check out the Read an eBook Week Facebook page or the Smashwords page.

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cookie February 28, 2014 um 8:23 pm

I don’t get it. Are we suppose to read an ebook in a week or is it enough to start one.

Nate Hoffelder February 28, 2014 um 8:32 pm

It depends. If you already read ebooks, one thing you could do is encourage others to read ebooks.

Marcy Sheiner March 1, 2014 um 5:59 pm

Read it in one week or you’ll be arrested.

Rita Toews March 1, 2014 um 6:47 pm

Read an Ebook Week is a week to celebrate ebooks. Many authors list their ebooks as free or greatly reduced. It’s a wonderful week to try new authors and genres without paying an arm and a leg. Visit the sites and download books. Contact the authors and encourage them. Celebrate ebooks and the effort so many make to bring them to you! Enjoy.

Rita March 1, 2014 um 8:46 pm

You can also check out Twitter #ebookweek for a list of books being offered at special prices for Read an E-Book Week.

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