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Readability ReLaunches TopReads Service to Highlight Popular Content

VPeFL5r[1]If you ever want another source for the most-read content, check out TopReads. The save-for-later service Readability has relaunched that service today with promises that they’ve improved upon their system for aggregating the articles that Readability’s 5 million active users have (probably) saved, read, and shared the most.

Topreads had originally launched in July 2012, and going on the coverage at the time it sounds like it was a fairly basic daily list of the most popular content. But with the relaunch TopReads is showing a better looking and more organized newspaper-style layout. We don’t have any new details on how the top content is chosen,  but the developers promise that they’ve "completely redesigned the experience and made the intelligence behind it even more compelling".

I’m never in short of new content to read, so I doubt that I’ll ever use TopReads. But I’d also bet that I will be in the minority. The relaunched service is more intended to attract and keep the attention of current users of Zite, Flipboard, and other  reading apps that offer an entertaining aggregated reading experience. Clearly Readability is hoping to get users of those apps to stay in the Readability app longer.

In addition to the reading TopReads on its webpage, you can get the latest additions to TopReads by following @topreads on Twitter. You can also download the current list as an ebook.


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thomass April 5, 2013 um 7:54 pm

I think this link for readlist is more useful:

Nate Hoffelder April 5, 2013 um 7:56 pm

That is more useful, thanks.

thomass April 5, 2013 um 8:18 pm

Thank you for the heads up
BTW a direct link for the up-to-date one:

thomass April 5, 2013 um 8:41 pm

a short url for the latest one:
(OK this is the last 🙂 )

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