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Reeder for iOS Updated With a Bevy of Improvements and Bug Fixes

image-13795164056HeBrx1[1]The popular news reader app Reeder was updated to version 2.2 earlier this week with a fairly lengthy list of new features and bug fixes.

In addition to some rather cool features like background updates, the new version of the app now has a loading progress indicator in the in-app browser, better support for feed links (feed://) in 3rd-party apps, and improved navigation.

Bug fixes include better support for multiple Feedly accounts and fixes for disappearing articles, browser scroll issues, OPML import issues, and more. Other changes include a better login option for Pocket, a rearranged appearance of the article list entries, and changes to Pinboard integration.

The app costs $5 and can be found in iTunes.

What’s New in Version 2.2

What’s new:
– Background app refresh (per account setting, disabled by default)
– Loading progress indicator for the in-app browser
– Smart streams now also support grouping by feed or date
– New setting to disable favicons for subscriptions/article list (see Settings ? General)
– Reeder now can handle feed links (feed://) from external apps
– Added navigation pan (right/left) to toolbars and empty spaces in list views (in addition to the left and right screen edges)
– Added a drag handle to the browser toolbar to make it clearer that you can slide right/left to go back/forward

– Pocket integration now uses OAuth
– Pinboard integration now uses API token
– Sharing via Messages now includes the title and link
– Updated appearance of article list entries (moved the “unread dot” to the upper right of the row, same as in the current Reeder for Mac beta)


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