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Remarkable Writing Tablet Updated With Remarkable Handwriting OCR Feature

The Remarkable writing tablet was an unremarkable device when it launched last year, but it has been progressively getting better and better with each update. With the latest update, this device truly lives up to its name.

The firmware update that is rolling out over the next few weeks will include OCR conversion of your handwritten notes:

Since the beginning of reMarkable, we have talked about giving handwritten text digital powers. That’s why we are thrilled to be bringing you the first iteration of this groundbreaking feature that offers conversion of handwritten notes into standardized typed text. This is a function that will continue to be developed but we hope you enjoy testing this first solution with your meeting or lecture notes.

Other improvements in the new firmware update include:

  • SVG export
  • a new Layers menu (that is layers as in Photoshop)
  • Improved document export.

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Xaver Basora November 8, 2018 um 5:56 pm


Why o why is it so tough to include a text, rtf options? If I write text why do need GIMP or some other image software for words?
Seriously it’s a writing pad.

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