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Report: One in Four Canadians Own a Tablet

2076448655_1b96031474[1]Tablets are rapidly being adopted all around the world, and Canada is no exception.

A new report from the CBC’s Media Technology Monitor shows that  about a quarter of the population had a tablet. The survey was conducted last Fall, and it revealed that the iPad had a dominant share of the market. The survey also showed that most of the rest of the Canadian tablet market was split between Android and the Blackberry Playbook.

Yes, that surprised me too. The survey report showed that 26% of respondents owned a tablet (about the same number as in the US), and about 66% of that number reported owning an iPad. The report also showed that the BB Playbook has had far more success in its native Canada than it has had in the US. It accounted for 15% of the tablets in use in Canada last Fall. A similar number of tablet owners reported owning an Android device.

The iPad owners were more enthusiastic about their device that other tablet owners (probably due to the drugs Apple incorporated into the shell), with 91% reporting that they would recommend it to their friends or family.  iPad owners were also more active in using their tablet, with 38% saying they used it several times a day (as opposed to 25% of other tablet owners). And about third of all tablet owners reported that they used their device at least once a day.

The most frequently cited reasons to use their tablets were accessing the Internet (86 per cent), playing games (59 per cent), reading news (51 per cent), social media (49 per cent), watching video (39 per cent), reading ebooks (35 per cent), listening to audio (31 per cent) and streaming Netflix (11 per cent).

It’s not clear how many people were surveyed for this report, but I can tell you that the actual report isn’t available for public scrutiny nor can I find it for sale on the MTM website. It looks like you have to be an existing customer before you can see any of the reports.


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Alexander Inglis February 22, 2013 um 1:11 pm

There is nothing new about Blackberry Playbook spiking the tablet ownership figures for Canada. That’s shown up in all the studies for the past 18 months. For business users who also own a Blackberry, Playbook is a pretty nifty device. It’s also got a solid browser and nice integration of email and basic tools. And, for this same period, it’s been sold at very competitive prices. But when it has been acquired within the general consumer household, I imagine it’s not getting as much daily usage because of the relatively few apps.

The Ogre February 22, 2013 um 2:32 pm

So, no information on methodology, eh? So no way to tell if, for example, they only called urban/suburban areas within X kilometers of an Apple Store where the median income is above a specific threshold…

Also seen other reports on this survey which say most people only use them in the home – hence why I’ve never seen any tablets at the nearest mall (where I’m generally at for a couple of hours every other Saturday), or the library, or McDonald’s (all of which have free wi-fi), just laptops/netbooks and the occasional Kobo, plus smartphones, of course. Which is very convenient for those who want to convince people to buy tablets ("So many people have them, even if you don’t know anyone personally who does, join them!").

(Personally, only two people in my social circle have tablets – me and my brother, neither of which is an iPad)

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