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New Review: Medion LifeTab E7312

30016239_PIC-H_Dtrick_002 All in all, the LifeTab E7312 was not a bad tablet. I didn’t like the battery life or some details about the hardware design, but there were a few things to recommend, including a better than average rear camera, a pleasant design, and decent performance.

FYI: With this latest review I am doing something different. I am now posting the review as a separate page on the blog and not as a blog post.

This is going to thin out the blog posts and give me better control over where the review is placed. This last could be useful if I ever have to move the review to another site. Having a separate post is also going to make it easier to critique the review (as opposed to the device being reviewed.)

And while I’m on the topic of reviews, my next couple reviews will be posted at about the same time in the last few days before CES 2014. I’ll be reviewing the  Nook HD+ (the one that came out in 2012, yes) and the HP Slate 7 Plus. I picked these 2 tablets because I already owned the one and because the other launched recently with a lot of coverage but has not been extensively reviewed.

After I post those 2 reviews I plan to take a hiatus and attend a couple conferences. And after that my review schedule will continue with Kobo’s 2 Android tablets, the Arc 7 and Arc7HD.  Neither device represents a great value so I would not normally buy them. But they were fairly high profile launches and haven’t been reviewed in very many places, which makes them excellent candidates.



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