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Frank October 31, 2017 um 2:26 pm

I prefer The Verge

Nate, your LA Times and The Guardian links are for the first Oasis. It does not appear like those two have posted a review yet.

Nate Hoffelder October 31, 2017 um 4:43 pm

yes, sorry, I didn’t check the dates carefully enough.

Burton October 31, 2017 um 8:10 pm

The HuffPost review is for the 2016 version.

Nate Hoffelder October 31, 2017 um 9:39 pm

thank you

this is not one of my shining moments

tired November 1, 2017 um 10:15 am

Tom’s Guide has by far the best review. It provided depth, detail, tests and conclusions free of bias. Only problem with it is that they made it sound like Oasis improved the auto-brightness in this model, when it introduced it. Maybe they meant the auto-brightness is better than it was on the Voyage, but they said older Oasis model instead.

It is a shame that this new Kindle model didn’t come with usb-c, the new standard.

Scott November 1, 2017 um 3:54 pm

If it had come with USB-C, there would be mass complaints from people that they didn’t use Micro-USB.

Scott November 1, 2017 um 3:53 pm

The CNN review is the worst. They spend almost the entire (short) review complaining that you can’t read underwater with the Oasis, because weird things happen. Then they not in an update that the Oasis is not designed to be used underwater.

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