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Royole Rowrite is a Smart Writing Pad

If the $600 Remarkable digital writing slate is too rich for your tastes then you might be interested in a hybrid retro solution that is just being released in China.

Royole is a Chinese tech company that has, among other things, developed a pressure sensitive touchscreen tech. I don’t know if the tech is compatible with Android tablets, but Royole has integrated the tech into a paper writing tablet, the Rowrite.

The way the Rowrite works is you put a sheet of paper on the Rowrite, and then use a special pen to draw on the paper. The device under the paper picks up your actions and transmits them to your mobile device over Bluetooth (there are companion apps for iOS and Android).

There’s actually very little info in the Rowrite, and it’s all in Chinese:

In a way this is like putting a piece of paper on top of a Wacom pad, and drawing with a special pen, only in this case we have a device that is intended to work with mobile devices rather than a PC.

In a way, the Rowrite reminds me of Boogie Board, a line of electronic paper slates with screen tech based on cholesteric LCDs. Several Boogie Board models could sync with a PC, including the Sync, which costs $82 on Amazon.

You can find the Rowrite on for 799 yuan, or about $120 USD.


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Olivier December 16, 2017 um 2:19 pm

Check out the Everlast Notebook by Rocketbook.

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