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Rumor: Blackberry Tablet coming soon

Digitimes are reporting Chinese manufacturer Quanta Computers will be making RIM’s Android tablet, which will be officially launched in November:

The tablet (BlackPad) will support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as 3G through connection to a Blackberry smartphone. The device will be priced at US$499 and Quanta will start shipping orders in September with volumes to reach two million units in 2010 and eight million units in 2011, the paper added.

I’m not so sure that RIM could sell 2m BlackPads in only 2 months. As good as they are they’re not Apple. And besides, this would be during the Christmas shopping season here in the US. Consumers will be buying other junk. They’re not going to buoy the BlackPad sales (at least, not without a really good marketing campaign).

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