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Rumor: Kindle Paperwhite to Launch on Friday in China

japankindlepaper_320x245[1]Rumors continue to circulate this week that Amazon is about to launch the Kindle Paperwhite in China.

According to the Chinese-language blog BoloPad, Amazon is going to release the Kindle Paperwhite in China on 26 April. Their source has indicated that the KPW will be priced at 989 yuan, or about $160 USD.

There is no indication as to who their source is, but the detail about the price and the  fact that a specific date is mentioned raises my hopes that this rumor will come true. My regular readers might recall that a similar rumor circulated last week which claimed that the KPW would go up for pre-order last week. That clearly clearly didn’t come true, but I do find it interesting that 2 rumors are suddenly circulating right at the same time.

Even if neither rumor is true, they could be a sign that Amazon is at least interested in launching the Kindle Paperwhite in China. It might also be a sign that Amazon is cutting through the final layers of red tape that have been preventing the launch.

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thomass April 24, 2013 um 12:17 pm

According to this post on forum (AFAIU) 5.3.5 made Kindle Paperwhite enable to shop on and use the sync funcitonalities (like send to kindle, last read page, etc) : BTW I don’t know Chienese

Name April 24, 2013 um 1:33 pm

OT: Pocketbook announced a new (underwhelming) Reader Touch Lux scheduled for shipping end of May for 140 Euros:

Nate Hoffelder April 24, 2013 um 1:34 pm

I know. Bleh.

Name April 24, 2013 um 1:37 pm

Do you also happen to have any news about the Pocketbook Color? If so, please post something! 🙂

Nate Hoffelder April 24, 2013 um 1:40 pm

I have not seen any news reports that mentioned it, so I’m not sure that it was announced today.

Name April 24, 2013 um 1:42 pm

Neither have I. What a pity, since I was looking forward to this.

Nate Hoffelder April 24, 2013 um 2:26 pm

Found it:

Name April 24, 2013 um 2:30 pm

I also just saw this video, although mute, due to technical problems on my side:

Name April 24, 2013 um 2:31 pm

That should have been in reply to Nate’s last comment.

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