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Run-n-Read is a Motion Sensor for the Treadmill Enthusiast

run-n-read-v2[1]As anyone who has met me can attest, I abhor physical exercise. But if I did run for exercise I would probably find this Run-n-Read tablet accessory useful.

The Run-n-Read, which is up for pre-order this week in a crowd-funded project, is a sensor pack that can be clipped to a headband, a pair of glasses, or the collar of your shirt. It uses motion sensors to track the motion of your head while it’s moving and then sends that data to your tablet over Bluetooth.

Tell me, have you ever tried to read a book while running? If you have then you know it’s very difficult to keep your eyes focused on the page (and then there’s the whole issue of running into trees, cars, and other people).

The Run-n-Read can’t fix the second problem, but is intended to solve part of the first problem. The data from its sensors is used to make the contents of your tablet’s screen move around in sync with your head movements. The developers are hoping this will make it easier to read while running on a treadmill.

I’m not convinced it will work as well as they claim, but the slick promo video says otherwise:

The Run-n-Read also includes a way for you to tap it and turn the page, but that only works with the included app. BTW, the promo video suggests that this accessory won’t work with any other app, so if you prefer a specific reading app then this might not be for you.

If you’re interested, you can pre-order a Run-n-Read for $55. As for me, I am skeptical that the average Android tablet will be able to process the data fast enough to keep the screen motions in sync. I want to see a real user report before I beleive the claims.


Dragon Innovations (crowd funding site)


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CJJ September 6, 2013 um 9:00 pm

I agree with you Nate. Why would I part with $55 AND the comfort of my favorite reading chair. Makes no sense. By owning an Ereader I’ve already demonstrated my reluctance to read a heavy paper book let alone heft my tablet over to the treadmill.

Al the Great and Powerful September 7, 2013 um 12:56 am

I read every day while I’m on the treadmill at the gym, either with my Nexus 7 or with my Kindle DX. I see no reason to spend cash on a head tracker.

Rebecca September 8, 2013 um 10:14 am

2 years ago I went shopping for a stationary recumbent bike. I took my Kindle along and used it on each one I tried. One salesman said, "oh– you want to read while you exercise?"
"No", said I, "I want to exercise while I read". The reading is going to happen anyway–the bike lets me burn a few calories while I do it.

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