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Saf-T Brand Line of Children’s Classics Now Available as eBooks

Children’s books are too damn dangerous these days. If it’s not the Hunger Games with a dual to the death, it’s the poor witch in Hansel & Gretel meeting a bad end. If it’s not Humpty-Dumpty and an unsafe wall, it’s Jack and Jill getting hurt while being exploited as illegal child labor.

All these terrible tragedies are simply inappropriate for children, and that is why HarperCollins launched Saf-T Brand Children’s Classics. There books have been carefully edited to remove bad role models,  unsafe behavior, and anything else that made them worth reading in the first place.  Titles in the series include:

  • Saf-T Brand Peter Pan eliminates all references to flying, which might inspire children to jump out windows. Instead, Peter Pan and the Darling children jump up and down on a mattress, after having a grown-up remove it from the bed and place it safely on the floor.
  • Saf-T Brand Through the Looking Glass removes any and all mentions of dangerous activities and unsavory characters, including falling, the threats made by the Red Queen, the Mad Hatter, etc. Instead Alice sits in the garden and quietly talks to her uncle.

There are a number of more titles in the series, and you can find out more on Amazon.

And with the ebook editions, now they have made a truly safe book. You no longer have to worry about nasty and potentially dangerous paper cuts.

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:) April 1, 2012 um 3:53 am

Oh my…

fjtorres April 1, 2012 um 12:01 pm

Tipper Gore’s been busy. 😉

:) April 1, 2012 um 3:33 pm

Imagine how Tom and Jerry, Courage the Cowardly Dog and etc would look like if they undergo such a make over.

warrinj April 1, 2012 um 7:41 pm

Imagine how the Bible or the Koran or the secular history of civilization would look if they undergo such a makeover.

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