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Samsung to Debut 12.2″ Galaxy Note Pro at CES 2014

Rumors have been circulating for the past 7 months that Samsung had a behemoth of a 12″ tablet in the works , and something tells me that those rumors are true:


Engadget found a huge banner stuck on the front of the Las Vegas Convention Center last night which touted not one but 2 new large tablets from Samsung.  No dimensions are given, but the product name is a new one and the scale of the pen to the screen suggests that this tablet is larger than the Galaxy Note 10.1.

Samsung is probably going to announce the new tablets today, but given how much we already know that could be a rather anticlimactic announcement. Past leaks have suggested that this tablet has a 12.2″ screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600. It’s going to be running Android 4.4 Kitkat on a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU with 3GB RAM, a pair of cameras (8MP and 2.1MP). In terms of connectivity it will have Wifi, Bluetooth, an IR blaster, and optional LTE (or so the FCC filing suggests). And it will of course have the pen and touchwiz interface that the Samsung Galaxy Note is famous for.

All these details come from a benchmark test which was leaked about a week ago, so I would regard them as solid.

note-pro-back[1]This is quite the well leaked tablet, and past teasers froM Samsung even included a photo of the rear of the tablet.

This tablet had previously been spotted in November when Samsung filed paperwork for its FCC certification, and this is probably the same tablet whose details appeared on the Bluetooth SIG website in September. Those filings didn’t include any mention of the screen size, but as my sources note there wasn’t much else it could be other than a new tablet model. And what little detail we could glean from the FCC paperwork certainly suggested that it was a BAT (big-arsed tablet).

The only real question left today is how many models will Samsung announce? One rumor is suggesting that there will be 3 Galaxy Note Pro models, not just the 12.2″ monster. The smaller models are said to measure 8.4″ and 10.1″, and the rumor even included plausible model numbers. And given that this rumor comes from the same source as the leaked benchmark test results I would say that there is a good chance that the rumor is true.

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Gunner January 11, 2014 um 10:15 am

Did you get hands on with the Samsung Tablets at CES 2104?

Nate Hoffelder January 11, 2014 um 6:46 pm

Yes. They were thin, light, expensive looking, and had a funky interface.

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