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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Tipped for Launch at MWC 2013

galaxy-note-7-inch1There’s news today which reminds me of a truism about gadgets: Where Apple leads, everyone else follows.

SamMobile is reporting today that Samsung has a new Galaxy Note in the works. In addition to the Galaxy Note smartphone and the Note 10.1, soem time in the next few months Samsung is also going to release the Galaxy Note 8.0.

According to GLBenchmarks this tablet is going to feature a quad-core 1.6GHz Exynos 4412 CPU with a Mali 400 quad-core graphics chip. It’s going to come with 2GB RAM, 16GB or 32GB storage, a pair of cameras (5MP and 1.3MP), Bluetooth, and GPS. Current reports suggest that it will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

That sounds great, but unfortunately the screen is going to be a little disappointing. The screen resolution is going to be 1280×800, less than can be found on some 7″ Android tablets and the same as can be found on the Galaxy Tab 7.7. But at least it will beat the screen resolution on the iPad Mini, so it’s not all bad.

SamMobile reports that they have confirmation this tablet is launching in Barcelona next month, though they didn’t have any info on the ship date or retail price.

Mike Cane says that eight is the new seven, but so far as I can tell they’re I’m getting the feelings that some companies are just slapping the same guts into a slightly larger shell.  I’m not quite sure what is gained by this, other than perhaps matching Apple’s latest move.

If anything all these 8″ tablets are reminding me of one satire video from when the iPad Mini launched:

I would not be surprised to see an 8.8″ tablet iPad in the next few months, and I’m not sure I’m kidding.

Edit: Felix reminds me that there already is an 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD, so the joke is on me.


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fjtorres January 17, 2013 um 4:09 pm

Well, Amazon has had an 8.9incher from before the Mini launched.
And after a couple of drooling fondles I find it a more convenient size than 10inchers.
I’ll have to see how well it plays out after extended us.

Mike Cane January 17, 2013 um 6:32 pm

>>>I would not be surprised to see an 8.8? tablet in the next few months

*znort* Samsung had 8.9″ first.

Some companies are just too far ahead of their time to cash in. Well, that and no one in their damn right mind would have paid what they were asking at that time — a whopping $549!

nrapallo January 18, 2013 um 12:04 pm

I think that 8.9″ form factor is the "sweet spot" for tablets.

I just love my Samsung Galaxy 8.9 LTE due to its PERFECT weight tradeoff, PERFECT screen size tradeoff and zippy speed when compared to 10″ or 7″ counterparts.

Just the original price $500+ is out-of-whack, so I bought mine used on ebay for just over $300.

For .pdf’s, its screen is just so brilliant and a pleasure to read on.

For ebooks, I use landscape two-page mode when using the Nook app for android and it works for me!

Just wish Samsung would come out with a newer "2.0" version with a microsd slot! They did that for just about every other first run tablet they produced, but seem to not to have done so for this 8.9″ tabs! 🙁

Thomas January 17, 2013 um 6:48 pm

Loved the video. "We’re drunk with power" should be the apple slogan these days.

Mike Cane January 17, 2013 um 7:52 pm

I want the Apple Vita Meata Vega Mini.

OMG, I’m turning into Nate… that’s worse than Charbax!

Sweetpea January 18, 2013 um 2:01 am

Well, I was looking for a replacement for my Flyer and I only have two demands.
1. It should be around 7″
2. It should have a pen that is not capacitive

I looked at the size of that Note 8″, and it’s a cm longer, half a cm wider and 0.3cm thinner than my current 7″. At least I’ll have an option if my Flyer dies!

Ravi January 18, 2013 um 4:51 am

Samsung isn’t slapping the same guts in a slightly larger shell. They don’t have the same Note guts in a smaller size unless you go all the way down to the Galaxy Note 2 (and going from 5.5″ to 8″ is not slightly larger).

What Samsung is doing is taking the guts of the Note 10.1 and putting them in a slightly smaller (8″ vs 10.1″), slightly thinner (7.95mm vs 8.9mm) and much lighter (330g vs 600g) shell. If you consider the use cases Samsung had in mind for the Note 10.1, the Note 8 should be better at all of them. Funny that.

Roger J January 20, 2013 um 7:57 am

No, Nate, Samsung is NOT following Apple.

Apple did not bring out the first tablets, neither do any of their overpriced offerings have the same pen expereince as the Galaxy Note, nor the older MS-OS tablets.

My new Note 2 (replaced my stolen S2 – yes, iPhones are not the only brand/model stolen) is great afer 5 weeks during which time I have not even opened my iPad3 which goes on sale next month.

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