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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tablets Debut

Samsung officially Galaxy-Tab4-10.1-SM-T530-White_1launched the new Galaxy Tab 4 Android tablets today and it looks like all the past leaks were true.

All 3 tablets will indeed have the same CPU, screen resolution, and cameras, and they will run the same version of Android.

The Tab 4 line will be running Android 4.4.2 KitKat on a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon CPU with either 1GB or 1.5GB RAM. Like last year’s models the tablets have 2 cameras, this time with a 1.2MP front-facing camera and a 3MP rear camera. Screen resolution will be 1280 x 800, and the tablets will of course have both Wifi and Bluetooth.

The 8″ and 10.1″ tablets will be offered in both a Wifi-only and LTE, 2G, and 3G models, depending on the market, and the amount of storage will vary between the tablets.

Launch pages, w\specs:

Just to be clear, Samsung didn’t announce today that the tablets would have a Snapdragon CPU; that came from a leaked benchmark. But given the accuracy of that benchmark in matching up with the announced specs, I am willing to bet that detail is correct.

All in all, these specs represent a minor upgrade for the seven inch model and downgrades for the 8″ and 10″ models. The Tab 4 10.1 has a slightly weaker CPU than the dual-core Intel chip found in its predecessor, and the Tab 4 8.0 has weaker cameras.

Samsung is basically treading water in terms of the Galaxy Tab line, and I would expect that they now see the Galaxy Tabs as a line of budget tablets. If you’re in the market for a quality tablet then this is not good news.

I have reviewed the Tab 3 7.0, and I (as well as many other reviewers) found it to be a very disappointing tablet. It is unstable, performs poorly, and costs too much for what it can actually do.

I am expecting the new Tab 4 tablets to be as disappointing, but we will have to wait for reviews to know for sure.

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jjj April 1, 2014 um 3:56 pm

At least the 10 incher is thin enough and low weight compared to most.Pricing does tend to depend on market ,they get more aggressive where they need to.
BTW Lenovo announced a bunch of budget tabs too , the A7-30, A7-40 A7-50, A8-50 and A10-70.

Nate Hoffelder April 6, 2014 um 12:19 pm

Eh. The weight isn’t nearly as important to me. It’s not like I am going to be carrying it in my arms very often.

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