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Scribd Launches Student Essential Bundle With a Small Discount

As the new school year begins here in the US, Scribd is making a play for students.

Techcrunch reports that Scribd now offers an introductory Student Essential Bundle. Students can pay $30 and get access to Scribd’s ebook subscription service for four months. The bundle also includes a non-renewing NYTimes subscription.

CEO Trip Adler told me students already make up a significant portion of the subscribers who pay to read e-books, audiobooks, magazine articles and more. (We’ve described Scribd as an all-you-can-read service, but that’s not quite accurate anymore, as it limits access to some of its titles through a monthly credit system.)

The company recently expanded into newspaper articles, so Scribd subscribers can already read select New York Times content. The new Essential Student Bundle, however, includes a full access to the Times library — Adler explained that while Scribd will handle all the billing, subscribers will get a separate login to the NYT website and apps.

To sign up, a student verifies their status through SheerID, then they make a one-time, $29.99 payment that covers a four-month period. (That breaks down to $1.87 per week.)

A regular Scribd subscription cost $9  month and lets you read 3 ebooks and listen to one audiobook. So this is bout a $6 discount from the usual rate of $36.

That’s not much of a discount, but on the other hand this bundle does come with time-limited access to the NYTimes. That runs $2 a week if you commit to a 6-month subscription, so that is something.

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